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CaptionAt the time when Prthu was enthroned as the king, there was a scarcity of food grains. The citizens were skinny and hungry and they approached the king for protection. Seeing their pitiable condition, Prthu concluded that it was not the fault of the people, but the fault of the earth that there was not sufficient food grains. He took up his bow and arrow and aimed it at the earth. When the earth saw this, she became very afraid and began to flee very swiftly, taking the form of a cow. King Prthu followed her everywhere she ran and she could not escape. Out of helplessness she turned to Prthu and addressed him.
The cow-shaped earth said, "I am very poor and have not committed any sinful activities. I do not know why you want to kill me." She continued and told Kint Prthu what he must do so that agriculture would flourish again. She said, "My dear King, may I inform you that you have to make the entire surface of the globe level. This will help me, even when the rainy season has ceased. Rainfall comes by the mercy of King Indra. Rainfall will remain on the surface of the globe, always keeping the earth moistened, and thus it will be auspicious for all kinds of production."
Thus Prthu, the king of all kings, leveled all the rough places on the surface of the globe by breaking up the hills with his bow and arrow.
-Srimad Bhagavatam 4.18

Painted in 1994.
HeadlinePrithu Maharaja Levels the Earth
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ArtistsMukunda Murari Dasa
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