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CaptionAs a young boy, Dhruva, the son of King Uttanapada, was told by his stepmother that he was not qualified to sit on his father's lap because he had not taken birth from her. Fuming with anger from his stepmother's insults, Dhruva left his father's palace and approached Narada Muni. He asked Narada how he could achieve a kingdom greater than his father's or his grandfathers. Seeing his determination, Narada Muni told him that he should go to the Supreme Personality of Godhead with his desires. Narada Muni gave Dhruva specific instructions on how he should worship the Supreme Lord, and told him to go to the forest of Madhuvana.
Dhruva immediately went to the forest, performed austerities, and worshiped the Supreme Personality of Godhead, meditating on His form within his mind. Dhruva Maharaja completely controlled his senses and fixed his mind on the Supreme. After five months the Lord appeared before him. The brilliant form of the Lord on which Dhruva was absorbed in meditation, suddenly disappeared. When Dhruva opened his eyes he saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead standing before him, just as he had seen Him within his heart. Dhruva fell before the Lord like a rod and offered his obeisances. He wanted to offer prayers to the Lord but due to his inexperience he hesitated, not knowing how to describe the Lord. The Lord, out of His causeless mercy, understood Dhruva's desire and touched Dhruva on the forehead with his conchshell. In this way, Dhruva became transcendentally inspired. He understood the Absolute Truth and he thus offered the Lord many prayers.
HeadlineLord Vishnu Reveals Himself to Dhruva
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ArtistsDirgha Dasi
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