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CaptionThere was once a brahmana in south India who was very poor but not at all sorry for his poor material position; he remained very peaceful and openhearted. At one lecture, the brahmana heard that Vaishnava activities can be performed even by meditation and one can achieve the same result as when physically performing the activity. The brahmana therefore decided that he would simply meditate on grand activities for the Lord's pleasure. He sat down in a secluded place and fixed his mind on the form of the Lord. He then began to imagine in his meditations that he was dressing the Lord very nicely with ornaments, and offering his respectful obeisances before the Lord. Then after dressing he would imagine that he was cleaning the temple and filling gold and silver jugs with holy water. He would meditate in this way daily. Once in his meditation, he imagined that he had prepared some sweet rice with milk and sugar to offer to the deity. He was thinking that the sweet rice was still hot and he wanted to touch it to see if it was cool enough for the Lord to eat. As soon as he touched the sweet rice pot, his finger was burnt by the heat of the pot and his meditation was broken. When he looked at his finger he was astonished to see that his finger was actually burnt.
HeadlineThe Brahmana's Meditation
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ArtistsBaradraja Dasa, Muralidhara Dasa, Jadurani Dasi
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