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CaptionKrishna and Balarama went from Vrndavana to Mathura on the invitation of Kamsa. There was to be a wrestling match in a great arena there. Kamsa knew that the eighth son of Devaki had appeared and his death was imminent. He began to see many inauspicious visions and signs. When he looked in the mirror he could not see his head, and he began to see holes in his shadow. He understood that his death was certain and he was filled with anxiety.
On the day of the wrestling match, Krishna and Balarama prepared themselves to proceed to the spot to see the fun. They could hear the beating of kettledrums in the wrestling camp. When They came to the gate, They saw a big elephant by the name of Kuvalayapida, along with his caretaker, deliberately blocking Their entrance. Krishna understood the purpose of the caretaker, and He tightened His dress. He said to the caretaker in a grave voice, as resounding as a cloud, "You miscreant caretaker, give way and let Me pass through the gate. If you block My way, I shall send you and your elephant to the house of death personified." The caretaker became angry and provoked the elephant to attack. The elephant, Kuvalayapida, rushed towards Krishna and tried to catch Him with its trunk. Krishna moved very dexterously, behind the elephant's legs. The elephant tried to catch Krishna several times but Krishna always escaped it. Krishna dragged the elephant by the tail, slapped it, tripped it and got up, evading Kuvalayapida's attmept to push its tusk through His body. The caretaker provoked the elephant to keep fighting and they rushed madly toward Krishna. Krishna pulled the elephant down by his trunk. Then He jumped on the elephant's back and broke it, and He killed the caretaker also. After killing the elephant and the caretaker, He took an ivory tusk on His shoulder, and proceeded toward the wrestling camp, feeling very blissful.
HeadlineKrishna Kills the Elephant Kuvalayapida
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ArtistsBaradraja Dasa, Muralidhara Dasa, Jadurani Dasi
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