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CaptionKing Nriga gave innumerable cows in charity to many brahmanas. Once, a cow that he had already given to a brahmana wandered back into Nriga's herd and he unknowingly gave that cow in charity to another brahmana. When the cow's first owner saw this, he went to claim his cow and an argument broke out between the two brahmanas. They approached King Nriga, but neither of them would accept Nriga's offer to give them more cows. They both left the place in anger, feeling that they had been mistreated.
For this one inadvertent act, Nriga took his next birth as a lizard trapped in the bottom of a well. One day some young boys of the Yadu dynasty were playing and they found the large lizard in the bottom of the well. They tried to get him out with ropes but could not lift him. They ran to Lord Krishna and told him what they'd found. Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the maintainer of the universe, easily lifted the lizard out with His left hand. As soon as he was touched by the hand of Krishna, Nriga assumed the form of a resident of the heavenly planets. Although Krishna knows everything, past present and future, to inform the people in general he asked Nriga to tell Him who he was. Nriga told his story. He then offered his repeated obeisances to Krishna, glorifying Him as the source of all beings, and after circumambulating the Lord he boarded a wonderful celestial airplane.
-Summarized from Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10 Chapter 64
HeadlineKing Nriga Forced to take Birth as a Lizard
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ArtistsBaradraja Dasa, Muralidhara Dasa, Jadurani Dasi
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