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CaptionOnce, a group of arrogant kings headed by the King of Kalinga told Rukmi,"You should defeat Balarama at dice. He's not expert at dice, O King, but still He's quite addicted to it." So, Rukmi challenged Balarama to a game of dice, which Balarama accepted. First the wager was placed of one hundred gold coins, then one thousand, then ten thousand and Rukmi won this round. Next, Rukmi accepted a bet one-hundred thousand coins and Balarama won. However Rukmi tried to cheat, and declared, "I'm the winner!"
Lord Balarama shook with anger, His naturally reddish eyes even redder in His fury. Lord Balarama accepted a wager of one hundred million gold coins, which He won also. Rukmi said, "I have won! Let these witnesses here say what they saw." Certainly he was calling upon his friends to back him up, the other kings who were present there. But at that moment a voice from the sky declared, "Balarama has fairly won this wager. Rukmi is surely lying."
Rukmi ignored the divine voice and began to outwardly insult Lord Balarama. He said, "You cowherds who wander about the forests know nothing about dice. Playing with dice and sporting with arrows are only for kings, not for the likes of You. At this Lord Balarama was very angry and He raised His club and struck Rukmi dead.
-From Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.61.28-36
HeadlineBalarama Strikes Rukmi
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ArtistsBaradraja Dasa, Muralidhara Dasa, Jadurani Dasi
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