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CaptionThe Vedas contain information that the universe undergoes continual cycles of creation and annihilation lasting billions of years. After one day of Brahma, there is an occasional annihilation, during which Lord Narayana, the original creator, lies down upon the bed of Ananta Sesha and absorbs the entire universe within Himself. At the end of the lifetime of Brahma the seven basic elements of creation are annihilated. In the Srimad Bhagavatam, Sukadeva Goswami describes this devastation to King Pariksit as follows: "As annihilation approaches, O King, there will be no rain upon the earth for one hundred years. Drought will lead to famine, and the starving populace will literally consume one another. The inhabitants of the earth, bewildered by the force of time, will gradually be destroyed. The sun in its annihilating form will drink up with its terrible rays all the water of the ocean, of living bodies and of the earth itself. But the devastating sun will not give any rain in return. Next the great fire of annihilation will flare up from the mouth of Lord Sankarshana. Carried by the mighty force of the wind, this fire will burn throughout the universe, scorching the lifeless cosmic shell. Burned from all sides - from above by the blazing sun and from below by the fire of Lord Sankarshana - the universal sphere will glow like a burning ball of cow dung. A great and terrible wind of destruction will begin to blow for more than one hundred years, and the sky, covered with dust, will turn gray. After that, O King, groups of multicolored clouds will gather, roaring terribly with thunder, and will pour down floods of rain for one hundred years. At that time, the shell of the universe will fill up with water, forming a single cosmic ocean."
-Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12, Chapter 4
HeadlineThe Time of Devastation
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