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CaptionPrahlada, although born in a family of demons, was devoted to the service of Lord Vishnu. When Prahlada was a young boy, his father, the great demon Hiranyakashipu, took Prahlada on his lap and affectionately asked him what was the best subject that he had learned from his teachers. Prahlada replied that this material existence only provides suffering and one should take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Hiranyakashipu laughed, and thought that his son's intelligence must have been spoiled by the words of the enemy. Demons like Hiranyakashipu consider Lord Vishnu and His devotees to be the enemy. He called Prahlada's teachers and told them to make sure he learned properly. The two teachers chastised and threatened Prahlada out of fear of losing their good name, and taught him of economic development and sense gratification. After some time, they brought him before his father again, thinking that he had been sufficiently educated. At that time, Hiranyakashipu took Prahlada on his lap and again asked him, "My dear Prahlada, my dear son, O long-lived one, for so much time you have heard many things from your teachers. Now please repeat to me whatever you think is the best of that knowledge." Prahlada told his father that one who has dedicated his life to the service of Lord Krishna through the nine processes of devotional service, dedicating his body, mind and words to Him, has complete knowledge. Hiranyakashipu was infuriated, and he threw Prahlada off his lap, onto the ground.
-Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 7, Chapter 5, Excerpt from 7.5.22
HeadlineHiranyakashipu Throws Prahlada Off His Lap
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ArtistsJadurani Dasi
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