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CaptionKeeping Vasudeva and Devaki chained in the prison cell; Kamsa mercilessly killed every one of their seven sons as soon as they were born. The prophecy stated that the eighth child of Devaki would kill Kamsa, but being overcome with fear, he killed them all. On the night that the eighth child was born the inhabitants of the house, especially the watchmen, heard the crying newborn child. Kamsa immediately got up from bed thinking that the cause of his death had come. His hair scattered on his head, he quickly approached the place the child had been born. Devaki begged her brother Kamsa to spare her baby girl. She appealed to him that it would be unworthy of him to kill a girl. Piteously embracing her daughter and crying, Devaki begged him to let her keep the child. Kamsa ignored her pleas and snatched the child from her hands. Kamsa grasped the child by the legs and tried to dash her against a stone. At that moment the child slipped upward from his hands and appeared before them as the goddess Durga with eight arms. Durga Devi said: "O Kamsa, you fool, what will be the use of killing me? The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has been your enemy from the very beginning and who will certainly kill you, has already taken His birth somewhere else. Therefore, do not unnecessarily kill other children."
-Excerpt from Srimad-Bhagavatam, 10.4.13
HeadlineKamsa Hears Durga's Message
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ArtistsDhrti Dasi
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