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CaptionWhen Sati heard the heavenly denizens flying in the sky and talking about the ceremony to be performed at her father's home, she became anxious. She went to her husband and very politely expressed her desire to go. She told Shiva that all of her sisters would be going there, along with their husbands, dressed in fine clothes and ornaments and she also wanted to decorate herself and go there with him. They had not been invited, as Sati's father, Daksha, had cursed and criticized Shiva harshly. Shiva replied to Sati saying that although Daksha was family, one should not go to the home of such a person if he will look on his guest with angry eyes. Shiva told her that although she was the favorite daughter of Daksha, she would not be honored there, simply due to her connection with him. Shiva continued: "Therefore you should not see your father, although he is the giver of your body, because he and his followers are envious of me. Because of his envy, O most worshipful one, he has insulted me with cruel words although I am innocent. If in spite of this instruction you decide to go, neglecting my words, the future will not be good for you. You are most respectable, and when you are insulted by your relative, this insult will be immediately equal to death."
-Excerpt from Srimad Bhagavatam 4.3.24-25
HeadlineSati Requests Shiva to Let Her Attend Her Father's Fire Sacrifice
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ArtistsJadurani Dasi
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