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CaptionOnce, Maharaja Pariksit, while engaged in hunting in the forest, became extremely fatigued. He was searching for a reservoir of water and he came upon the hermitage of the sage Samika Rshi. Samika Rshi was sitting silently with closed eyes. His senses, mind and breath were all restrained from material activities. King Pariksit, approached him and asked him for water, but the sage said nothing. The King was not received with any welcome or a place to sit or water. Considering himself neglected, he became angry. While leaving, he saw a lifeless snake and picked it up with his bow and placed it on the shoulders of Samika. Samika Rshi's son, Shrngi, being the son of a brahmana, was very powerful. While he was playing with some other boys, he learned of what had happened to his father. Then and there Shrngi became angry and thinking Pariksit Maharaja to be an upstart, he cursed the king. His eyes red-hot with anger, Shrngi touched the water of the river Kaushika and spoke the following words to his playmates. Shrngi said, " On the seventh day from today a snake-bird will bite the most wretched one of that dynasty [Maharaja Pariksit] because of his having broken the laws of etiquette by insulting my father." When the boy Shrngi returned to the hermitage, he saw the snake on his father's shoulder and began to cry loudly. Samika opened his eyes and and threw the dead snake aside. Seeing his son crying, he asked Shrngi if someone had done him harm. He heard from his son how he had cursed the king and he began to repent.
HeadlineShrngi Cursing Maharaja Pariksit
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ArtistsPuskar Dasa, Baradraja Dasa
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