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CaptionJagai and Madhai were addicted to all kinds of sinful activities. As soon as Nityananda Prabhu approached the two brothers Jagai and Madhai, to ask them to chant the holy names, one of them threw a piece of earthen pot at Him. It hit His forehead, and blood began to flow. Nityananda Prabhu was so kind that He said, "It does not matter that you have thrown this stone at Me. I still request you to chant the holy name of Lord Hari." Jagai immediately fell down at Lord Nityananda's feet and asked Him to pardon his sinful brother. Madhai tried to hurt Nityananda again, but Jagai stopped him and implored him to fall down at Nityananda's feet. When Lord Chaitanya heard that Nityananda had been hurt, He came immediately and invoked His Sudarshana chakra (disc weapon of the Supreme Lord), ready to kill the sinners. Nityananda Prabhu reminded Lord Chaitanya of His mission, to deliver the fallen souls of Kali-yuga (the present age); that these two brothers were a typical example of most of the population of Kali-yuga. While Lord Nityananda was talking in this way, both brothers fell at the feet of Lord Chaitanya. They agreed to give up all their sinful habits and therefore the Lord accepted them and never again referred to their past misdeeds.
-Summarized from Srimad Bhagavatam, Introduction to Canto 1
HeadlineJagai and Madhai Fall at Lord Nityananda's Feet
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ArtistsMuralidhara Dasa
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