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CaptionSometimes, when the girls would come to the Ganges and worship various demigods, Nimai would come and sit down among them. The Lord would say, "Worship Me, and I shall give you good husbands or good benedictions. The Ganges and goddess Durga are My maidservants. Not to speak of other demigods, even Lord Shiva is My servant." Then, without their permission, He would take the sandalwood pulp and smear it on His own body. He would take the flower garlands and put them on His neck, and eat all the offerings of sweets, rice and bananas.
The girls were very angry and they said, "Dear Nimai, You are just like our brother in our village relationship. Therefore it does not behoove You to act like this. Don't take away our paraphernalia for worship of the demigods. Don't create a disturbance in this way." The Lord replied: "My dear sisters, I give you the benediction that your husbands will be very handsome. They will be learned, clever and young and possess abundant wealth and rice. Not only that, but you will each have seven sons, who will all live long lives and be very intelligent. When they heard this benediction, the girls were inwardly very happy, but externally, they pretended to be angry. When some of the girls fled, the Lord called them in anger and advised them: "If you are miserly and do not give Me the offerings, every one of you will have an old husband with at least four co-wives.
Considering that His curse might be effective, they were afraid and they brought all the offerings before the Lord. The Lord ate them all and blessed the girls to their satisfaction.
HeadlineNimai Steals the Offerings Meant for the Demigods
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ArtistsJadurani Dasi, Visnu Dasa
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