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CaptionHaridasa Thakura constructed a cottage in the forest of Benapola and, sitting in front of a tulasi plant, he would chant the holy name of the Lord 300,000 times a day. All of the neighboring people loved and worshiped Haridasa Thakur so much so that the zamindar of the district, Ramachandra Khan, became envious of him. Ramachandra Khan planned to dishonor him. However, he could not find any fault in the character of Haridasa so he devised a plan to make him stray from his path. He called for a local prostitute who agreed and said she would attract the mind of Haridasa Thakur within three days. At night she dressed herself very attractively and went to the cottage of Haridasa Thakur. After offering her obeisances to the tulasi plant she sat at the doorway before him, and told Haridasa that her mind was greedy to be united with him. Haridasa Thakur replied, " I shall accept you without fail, but you will have to wait until I have finished chanting my regular rounds on my beads. Until that time, please sit and listen to the chanting of the holy name. As soon as I am finished, I shall fulfill your desire." However, morning came and Haridasa had not yet finished his chanting. By his transcendental trick, Haridasa Thakur arranged for the prostitute to sit and chant with him for three nights in a row. By the third night her mind was changed and she fell at his feet as a surrendered disciple.
HeadlineHaridasa Thakura Tempted by Mayadevi
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ArtistsJadurani Dasi, Visnu Dasa
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