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CaptionAfter bathing, Lord Chaitanya entered a garden and sat down with the other devotees. The devotees present there included Paramananda Puri, Brahmananda Puri, Advaita Acharya and Nityananda Prabhu; as well as Raghava Pandit, Vakreshvara and others. Vaninatha Raya came into the garden bringing with him all kinds of maha-prasada. Seeing the large quantities of prasada, such as rice, cakes, sweet rice and a variety of vegetables, Lord Chaitanya was satisfied. Since Lord Chaitanya is omniscient, He knew what type of preparation each person liked and He told Svarupa Damodar to deliver these preparations. Svarupa Damodar Goswami and Jagadananda placed food before the Lord and Lord Chaitanya, out of affection, ate it.
Sri Adwaita Acharya and Nityananda Prabhu were sitting side by side, and They engaged in a type of mock fighting. Adwaita Acharya said, "I am sitting in line with an unknown mendicant, and because I am eating with Him, I do not know what kind of destination is awaiting Me. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is in the renounced order of life. Consequently He does not recognize discrepancies. As a matter of fact, a sannyasi is not affected by eating food from anywhere and everywhere. According to sastras, there is no discrepancy in a sannyasi's eating at another's house. However, for a householder brahmana, this kind of eating is faulty. It is not proper for householders to dine with those whose previous birth, family, character and behavior are unknown." Nityananda Prabhu immediately refuted Srila Adwaita Acharya, saying, "You are a teacher of impersonal monism, and the monistic conclusion is a great hindrance to progressive, pure devotional service. One who participates in Your impersonal monistic philosophy does not accept anything but the one Brahman. You are such a monist! And now I am eating beside You. I do not know how My mind will be affected in this way." Thus they went on praising each other, all though it appeared that They were speaking negatively.
HeadlineMock Argument During Lunch
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